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vivekananda library online frank parlato jr - frank parlato jr is a vedic scholar one of the leading authorities in the world on the life and teachings of swami vivekananda his work is cited and has been published in prestigious journals and magazines around the world including encyclopedia com vedanta kesari and hinduism today his research has lead to many new discoveries of vivekananda considered by hundreds of millions as the, what becomes of the soul after death divine life society - introduction paraloka vidya or the science about the departed souls and their planes of living is a subject of absorbing interest it is a mysterious science which contains many secrets or hidden wonders it has intimate connection with panchagni vidya or the science of transmigration propounded in the chhandogya upanishad, notes on selected books on yoga philosophy and religion - concentration and meditation by sri swami sivananda concentration and meditation form the inner core of the practice of yoga it is the key to the door of inner illumination and constitutes the central pivot round which all sadhana in the spiritual revolves, last days with my guru chapter 42 of autobiography of a - 1 literally param highest hansa swan the hansa is represented in scriptural lore as the vehicle of brahma supreme spirit as the symbol of discrimination the white hansa swan is thought of as able to separate the true soma nectar from a mixture of milk and water, spiritual gurus and saints of hinduism india and the world - by jayaram v adi shankara adi shankaracharya was born in the early 9th century ad at kaladi in kerala he was a child prodigy who mastered the vedic scriptures at a very early age and renounced the worldly life at the age of eight, the secret doctrine volume i theosophy - the secret doctrine the synthesis of science religion and philosophy by h p blavatsky author of isis unveiled there is no religion higher than truth, stripping the gurus to a nunnery - chapter xxvi to a nunnery paramahansa yogananda nearly everyone is familiar with those three little monkey figures that depict the maxim see no evil hear no evil speak no evil, the colonial period columbia university - robert clive 1725 1774 the battle of plassey robert clive to the east india company from clive s memoirs more clive lettes a letter by one of his soldiers excerpts from a sergeant s diary recounting robert clive s capture of arcot september october 1751, ebooks and ezines mediums psychics and phenomena - electronic books on line that you can download and read at your leisure spiritualist books mediums books mediumship books to download if any books are in a pdf file format click onto any of the following links to get the latest free read only download from adobe who have designed the file format, cults false religions cults list - cults list of false religions false teachings cults false religions false teachings check out the cults list find out what is a cult summed up info on the many cults false religions false teachings in our world today, shirdi sai baba and the sai baba movement - the conflatory phrase sai baba movement refers to a complex phenomenon which has been given different interpretations that strongly disputed phrase encompasses the entities known as shirdi sai baba upasni upasani maharaj and godavari mataji meher baba and sathya sai baba, vahini org downloads howard murphet man of miracles - author s note this book is intended for three classes of readers one the many for whom the mysterious marvellous and miraculous of life hold interest and appeal two the searchers after spiritual light who have not yet found what they seek, welcome to savetemples org mission to protect and - hindus across the world condemn the premeditated desecration of sabarimala and the widespread police atrocities against devotees sabarimala is a largest pilgrimage center in the world with estimated number of 50 million devotees visiting every year