The Conservatarian Manifesto Libertarians Conservatives And The Fight For The Rights Future -

the conservatarian manifesto libertarians conservatives - the conservatarian manifesto libertarians conservatives and the fight for the right s future charles c w cooke on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers a call to arms for the growing movement of conservatarians members of the right who are fiscally conservative but socially liberal and a fascinating look at conservatism s past and future b there is an, ilya shapiro cato institute - ilya shapiro is the director of the robert a levy center for constitutional studies at the cato institute before joining cato he was a special assistant adviser to the multi national force in, the next generation of republicans do they stand with - when in october 2016 it was time to build the border wall or at least a plywood replica on the campus of washington state university the job fell to jacob heinen he was only a freshman